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Questions about your order? Need to know who to contact regarding orders or services? Browse our FAQ's below to get more information on anything you need to know.

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I placed my order. Now what?

If you placed an order for clothing items for your child's school's dance class, those orders are considered bulk orders. This means that once all of the orders are submitted for the class, they are then processed, and shipped directly to the campus for distribution from the dance teacher. Bulk dance class orders are not shipped to your home.

If you placed an individual order - for example, you are replacing an item for your child's dance team - those orders will be collected and processed for the week on Fridays, and shipped out to you the following week.  These orders will also be sent to your child's campus for distribution by the dance team director. 

Where is my order?

If you have placed an order and some time has passed and you have not received the order, it is most likely because the item(s) you have ordered are on backorder with the vendor.  Our company does not keep extensive amounts of inventory. We work together with many different vendors to process our customer's orders. Therefore, occasionally, we will experience some items that are out of stock with the vendor. (**This has unfortunately been more of an issue since COVID-19). 

**Currently orders are shipping 2-3 weeks out, however, some are taking up to 6-8 weeks to ship - this does not apply to personalized items. 

If you would like to check the status of your order, please email Jaime at Please include your order number in the body of the email.  

I need to exchange my item. How do I go about doing that? 

In order to be able to honor an exchange of an item, it is important to make sure that you follow the following steps:

1. BEFORE CONTACTING US: Please reach out to your child's dance teacher to see if they have any extra items to complete the exchange. 


**If they have an extra item - you may work out an exchange with the teacher - please adhere to the policies listed below.   

**If they do NOT have an extra item, you may contact us at the email address listed below. 


1. Shoes need to be unworn, and in the original box.

2. Clothing needs to be unworn, and with the tag attached. 

3. Tights need to be unworn and in the original package. 

4. **CUSTOM/PERSONALIZED ITEMS may not be exchanged.


Need to inquire about an exchange?  Email Jaime at 

I need a refund on my purchase. What do I do? 

If you are requesting a refund on your purchase, please email Chris at

**Refunds will only be honored on items that are returned in the same manner as mentioned about in Exchanges.

**CUSTOM/PERSONALIZED ITEMS may not be refunded. 

Why is the price of my item more now than it was at my dance team fitting?

Prices at fittings are based on bulk ordering for each individual team. We do this in order to keep costs down for all dancers. When you order an item on its own, unfortunately we do not have the bulk pricing discount to pass along. 

I placed an order but did not receive an email alert when my item shipped.

If you order an item that is considered an item to be ordered "in bulk", you will not receive an email alert when your item is shipped. An example of this is if you order items for your child's dance class at school, those items are considered to be ordered in bulk, and will therefore be shipped directly to the campus. We will notify the dance teacher on that campus when we are sending a shipment. 

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