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Please fill out and submit the form below prior to your child's dance team fitting. 

How does the payment plan work? After your child's fitting, your order form will be totaled and evenly divided by two.  You will receive all invoices at once but with different due dates.  The invoices will be emailed to the email address you provide (please check spam folders) and only sent once.  All invoices will have a link to make a payment by credit card and will automatically update in our records, you do not need to contact us to let us know you made a payment. Please note, the clothing cannot be released until the payment plan has been paid in full.  The invoices are set to be paid in full, before summer dance camp, so your child has their clothing.  Failure to pay as scheduled will prevent your child from having their clothing for camp and Ovation Dance and staff are not responsible for any actions that may be taken by the Director.  All credit card payments will incur a 3%credit card fee. This fee will be added to each payment plan.


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Clothing cannot be delivered until the
Payment Plan is paid in full.

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