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Dance Dept.

Welcome to the Hendrickson High School Dance Department! 

It's time for DANCE CLASS, and we are here to help make sure you are prepared for a successful year in your class! 

1. Browse: Check out the items below. 

2. Select: Choose the size and quantity of the items you need and add them to the cart.

3. Check out: You MUST select "ship to school" in order to avoid shipping charges. Shipping charges will not be refunded. 

4. Check shopping for dance class clothes off your "to-do" list!


***Please note the store will be open from August 7th - end of business day, September 8th.  The orders will be printed, sorted and shipped, in bulk, to your child's school.  Shipments will NOT be delivered to your home. 


**JAZZ SHOES DISCLAIMER - See product description for sizing information. When you receive your jazz shoes, you will wear them barefoot - no socks of any kind should be worn. Jazz shoes will be snug at first, but they will stretch out as you start to dance in them. *JAZZ SHOES RUN SMALL, SELECT AT LEAST ONE SIZE UP FROM YOUR CHILD'S STREET SHOE SIZE*

*Tips for trying on/ordering Jazz Shoes:

  • Make sure your feet are clean and dry before wearing the shoes.

  • Should fit like a sock that is right out of the dryer. 

  • Make sure your toe nails are clipped. 

  • Toe should fit to the end of the shoe, and lay flat. 

  • Shoes will stretch the more they are worn.

  • No socks of ANY kind should be worn while wearing jazz shoes. 

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